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Correspondence/Translation Service

This service is only available for Registered Members with positive balance on their accounts. If you are not a Registered Member, you are welcome to BECOME A MEMBER.

Cher-Ami is proud to offer its clients a fine E-mail correspondence service. This system allows you to send quickly your letter (with a free translation) via our network to the lady even though she may not have her own personal E-mail account. Many of the women do not have their own E-mail address, but using our corresponding service your letter will reach the lady in just a matter of a few days. Note that we can not guarantee replies from ladies, as this, is down to personal preferences and computability. We can guarantee that any letters sent through us will be forwarded to the lady.
If you don't know Russian it's not a problem. We have professional translators. They will translate your letter from English to Russian and notify the woman that a letter has arrived for her. She is given the option to have the letter read to her over the phone, or she can have the letter mailed to her, or she can come to the office and pick it up. When the woman receives her letter, she can immediately submit a response, either over the phone, or through the mail. The letter is then translated into English and forwarded to you.
You also can send your photographs in .jpg format. We can print them in color with each email letter that you send and give to your lady.
Correspondence charges are covered by your prepaid Membership Account. Ladies do not have to pay.

Please note!

It is not allowed to give your contact details (Email adresses, telephone numbers) and to ask contact information of the ladies. It will be automaticly deleted from the letters!

Price List

First introduction letter for any lady and her answer is FREE. You do not pay until you receive and read responses from ladies actually interested in you.

E-mail delivery
To send a letter to lady – ?5 per one letter. The letter size is limited up to 1 page. If it's longer you will be charged an extra ?5 for each page. This price includes:

  • Receiving your letter.
  • Translation of your letter.
  • Printing your letter (including translation).
  • Delivery of your letter to the lady.
  • Translating lady's letter.
  • Typing lady's letter.
  • Sending woman's letter to you.

Pictures delivery
You can send your pictures with your letter (not more than 2 pictures up to 40kb) for FREE. We do ask that you keep the file size below 40kb and do not send us photos in any other format other than jpg unless you are willing to pay an additional ?5 for us to convert them for you. If the Lady wishes to send you her pictures with her letter, we will send them to you also for FREE.    

Printing of pictures
We will print your pictures in colors and send it to your Lady by registered mail - ?5 per picture. 

Contact information (lady's address or phone or e-mail)
We are not in the right to give the personal private contacts of any our clients without their knowledge. You should be in some kind of relationship with the lady (e-mail correspondence) to order her address, e-mail, phone number. Just ask the girl to send her personal private contacts and as soon as she will write it in her back letter - your account will be charged. Exchanging of contact information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers would cost equal to one meeting - ?30.00 one contact.

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